With a commercial license of SketchUp one gets two additional pieces of software: Style Builder for making your own sketchy styles and LayOut 3.0. LayOut is a really powerful program that works with both vector and raster file types. It’s like the lovechild of Autodesk AutoCAD Paperspace and Adobe Illustrator. It allows one to take SketchUp files and put them to a layout board (paperspace) at a scale! But since the program comes from SketchUp, it is easy to use and can dynamically work with your model. The work can be printed out on plotters and saved as pdf’s. But there’s a third option, you can use it as a presentation tool that can show the model off as one rotate’s the file. So it could be used in place of Microsoft Powerpoint!

To learn more about LayOut, see the follow link for videos from the SketchUp team. Start with the one called, “What is SketchUp?”