This is a Best of… the blog that will take right to the best blog posts.

An introduction to SketchUp
SketchUp workflow for all models

Best Textures (most of them for free)
Great texture websites for SketchUp (this is the BIG list)
Brick Tiles/Textures
Seamlessly tiled textures
More textures
Even MORE textures (2GB!)
Textures on Facebook

Best 3D Plants from 3D warehouse
Dynascape 3D plants (some free in 3D warehouse)
tree[d] forest (make trees with free 3D progam – models are large though)

Best dynamic components from the 3D warehouse

Working with AutoCAD dwg’s in Trimble SketchUp
Importing SketchUp models into AutoCAD

Best Plugins for Trimble SketchUp
SketchUp Plugins in the cloud (for use on multiple machines or work/home for easy updating)

Free Site Furniture for SketchUp
Sitescapes site furniture