Planetizen has a series of courses available called SketchUp for Planners by Jaymes Dunsmore.  There is an advanced course that takes one from Photo Match through plugins and making your models available on 3D Warehouse.  I would say if you were looking to take one’s skills to the next level and apply them to a professional practice, this might be  good courses to take.  The introduction is given as a free video session so you can see what you are getting first (does not work in the Chrome Browser).  The cost is based on a subscription which is either monthly or yearly.  Here are the various courses:

SketchUp for Planners (a house model to learn basic skills)

SketchUp for Planners Intermediate Part 1 (Geo-locating, organizing, and animating your models)

SketchUp for Planners Intermediate Part 2 (FARs, Building Envelopes, Design Guidelines, and Street Cross-sections)

SketchUp for Planners Intermediate Part 3 (Photo-Simulations, Illustrating Perspectives, Sections, Site Plans, and Import/Export)

Follow the link below to see the chapters and the introduction for the advanced course.