Friends at Shaderlight have posted some great 2D plants in the 3D Warehouse.

If you use Shaderlight, an easy-to-use realistic render program for SketchUp, the plants are swapped out (they call it Replace Me) for full 3D plants in your final render image.  So this means your model is smaller and easier to use in SketchUp, but you get the benefit of a 3D plant (and the way it casts light and shadow in your rendering).  The trees were created using a program called tree[d].  It can generate really great trees, but they do end up being very large (for SketchUp). Wyatt has made a tutorial on how to reduce and use the tree[s] components.  (By reducing the geometry it reduces the file size and keeps SketchUp running smoothly.)


Other good plants can be found via DynaSCAPE’s website.  Some samples can be found in the 3D Warehouse as well.