Spread 3D is a way to take your SketchUp models to the web!  It works very smoothly by importing your model and showcasing it well.  The software is as easy to use, yet as robust as SketchUp itself.

A SketchUp model can be used in a slideshow, a presentation, or online.  In the Pro version, the model can be enhanced with sound, interactive points of information (links to other webpages, maps, or details), and add plants and people.  The viewer uses Flash which works with all browsers across all platforms (Internet Explorer doesn’t support WebGL for all its versions). 

Spread 3D allows for the model to be brought into PowerPoint.  The 3D model is embedded into the PowerPoint show, so it is more interactive than just 2D views.  It also means you won’t be toggling between PowerPoint and your 3D model in some program.  It all stays in PowerPoint making your presentations smoother!  Preconfigured templates will work inside powerpoint or offline: either in the viewer, slideshow or presentation.

The interactive walk feature in the Pro version IS the best part.  The user can “walk” through a virtual version of your model to experience it for themselves.  It really takes things to another level of client and designer interaction. The web viewer also protects your model by securing it with a password, displaying your logo, and showing it with a copyright.   It does take a moment to load the file off of the web depending on your internet connection, but the files are smaller than the .skp in my experience.  To post your project to the web just upload one file and one folder – it couldn’t be simpler.  Oh, and you can use Dropbox if you don’t have a website/FTP access.  An example model that I’ve used with other blog postings is available for you to try out Spread 3D in action:


The bottom center of the screen shows the various controls for moving around in the model.  The two feet button allows one to walk around in the model (use your keyboard to move and your mouse to change the view/direction).  In the upper left you can adjust the sound and download the model (if you wish to allow it to be downloaded).

A full feature list for the Free, Lite, and Pro versions can be found at: