So where do you go if you are just starting out with Trimble SketchUp?

SketchUp’s Knowledge/Learning Center has two manuals for learning the basic tools and lingo:

SketchUp Getting Started Guide

SketchUp Concepts Guide

And Quick Reference Guide (a quick icon guide to the tools)


3DVinci has a great resource for learning SketchUp:

There is also an intro to SketchUp for PC and Mac.  It starts from downloading the program to learning the basic commands, so no previous experience needed at all.  These are for someone who has never seen the program but is eager to learn.

3DVinci also has the best books for learning SketchUp on your own.  I highly recommend them if you are starting out or just need a book for reference.

Cameron Harris’ Harwood Podcasts

If you want to learn the basic tools and how to use them well, this is your place for videos.