With SketchUp Pro come two additional programs: LayOut and Style Builder.  If you bought SketchUp Pro you can create your own linework using Style Builder.  That custom linework can be brought into SketchUp and used to make your own style.

Style Builder can assist you in making your own linework to go into a SketchUp style.  So if you like a hand drawn look, you can make style for it that will change the SketchUp file to use that work.  The video shows how to do this.

The conventional way to use Style Builder is to print out the form (under File then Generate Template), draw your linework by hand, and then scan it back in.  Due to the code at the top of the sheet, Style Builder can read the scan and then enter your linework into the program.  I’ve saved the form one uses to create the linework as a Photoshop .psd file.  It allows one to use Photoshop brushes to create linework.  Simply save the form and your linework as a .png and then go into Style Builder under File, Load Template.  Style Builder will read the file and then show your linework on the screen.  Here is the form as a Photoshop .psd file and an example of linework you can use (the linework for a style called Firecracker). This is a 16,32,64,128,256,512 pixel form with 32 pixel width.  There are other forms available to generate.

You can also use Photoshop to create masks that can be used as a Watermark in SketchUp.  FrostyBlueprint style is a style I’ve created that using these techniques.  Feel free to use and study them to make your own!

More styles can be found on SketchUp Artists:

Another tutorial on creating your own style can be found here: