So if you have looked into some of the great SketchUp Styles that are out there, you can see the diversity. 

In the Styles window, one can see the various properties that can be changed under the Edit tab: Edges, Faces, Background, Watermark and Modeling.  EDGES allow one to change the quality of the line’s properties such as adding line extensions which look like “tick” marks where lines meet.  FACES allow for viewing textures, transparences (X-ray mode), and shading with/without textures.  BACKGROUND allows a background or a sky/ground color.  The background color can also be the color of your Fog.  WATERMARK can be frames or watermarks in front of your view or a background behind your model (like dropping a context picture behind your trace paper model).  MODELING allows for more finite control over guides and hidden geometry (the helps that make your model work behind the scenes).

If you like features from multiple styles, SketchUp can allow you to mix them together under the Mix tab.  By mixing them together you can create new results that can be customized to your preference.  Simply open a collection (folder) of styles in the bottom half of the window and select the style that has the features you like.  Drag and drop it over one of the settings shown in the upper part of the window.  Release it to see that part of the style is now a part of the current style on the screen.  Simply click on the rotating arrows to lock in the style mix into the current style in your model.  If you want to add it to a collection, merely drag and drop it from the In Model (under the Select tab) to a collection in the bottom half of the window.

Using this method one can quickly start from downloaded or built-in styles to easily create one of your own.