Styles are an easy way to change the appearance of your model inside of the
SketchUp. Styles can be very functional such as an x-ray style (to see all
of the model regardless of textures) or aesthetic by creating a whole new
look in SketchUp (like a sketchy pencil edge with line extensions).

Aidan Chopra, Google SketchUp’s Evangelist, made a great point showing how
using a streamlined style while you create your model can actually speed up
the program.

Using styles is a great way to get a NPR or a “Non-Photo Real” image out of
SketchUp. The video below is the same model and the same view, but with
different styles shown.

There are many places to find SketchUp Styles. Below are some places where
you can find styles (free or purchase). Once you download them, save them
into the folder called Styles under SketchUp 8. I created more sub-folders
so I can keep track of the ones I create, versus the ones that I downloaded.
One could also create sub-folders that would group styles based on their
appearance, such as placing all the pencil edge styles together in a folder.


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