This is a list of all the texture websites I recommend.  Most of these sites offer free seamless textures that can be used in SketchUp (Import -> image) and into Photoshop (Edit->Define Pattern).  There are too many textures to even count, so be selective!  You are going to need a bigger hard drive…  enjoy!

One of my all-time favorite places for seamless textures is Patrick Hoesly’s Blog and Flickr site.  Visit the blog,, to download more free Creative Commons textures.

2GB of textures, if you have time on your hands…

(use the 4shared site and you only need to download the first file – the rest are repeats)

(Go to the tab: All Filters by Category, Filter Forge program lets you build filters to make may textures) (textures are free, they also make a program for making your own textures called Genetica) (trees) (textures)

(more of a photo texture site, not all are seamless)

(click on “Texturen” on the left)

(lots of textures/patterns, use the search engine on the right to find what you are after)

(55 free textures, Auto Seam program $49.99)

(find textures by color…)

(20 downloads a day, buy all the images on a DVD for $40) (Unilock paving stones) (Belgard Pavers)

(Deviant Art list of seamless textures)

(good water and ice seamless textures among others)

Pay Websites for Textures 

(limited download for free users, a very good site)

(some free, good textures)

(some free, lots of brick/stone work)

(16 free stock photos, rest are prorated based on size of image)

(some free for non-commercial use)

(10 – 1024×1024 with bump maps, PhotoSculpt program for sale)

(download 512×512 for free limited access, $10 for 3 month membership)