3Dvia allows SketchUp users to put their 3D model online and allow others to walk through the model!  It does require downloading a plugin player, but it is a pretty straightforward process.  The video below shows how it works.

1. Upload your Sketchup Model to 3dvia.com (.kmz or .dae format – I would recommend kmz format)
2. Send uploaded design to a Scene (click the “SEND TO” button on the 3D model view page)
3. Adjust the scale of the model within Scenes (this is done right as you place the model down onto a scene.  You will see white dots to expand the scale; it comes in too small otherwise)
4. (Optional) Add other 3D models (i.e. plants, furniture, people)

5. Walk through your design online…AND share with others via email, or embed the scene within your own site like a YouTube Video