There are many things that can be added on to SketchUp.  One of these add-ons is the ability to make panorama images or 360 degree views in the model.  The setup is easy for PC’s: download CubicPanoOut from  Then download GoCubic.exe from The Smustard plugin goes into your SketchUp plugins folder.  Open your model and select your opening view. Then go up to Camera -> CubicPano Out. You can select the pixels of the images and a few other settings before clicking Ok.  It takes time (five minutes or so), but eventually it will make five images.  Then start GoCubic.  GoCubic is a simple program that takes the exported images from SketchUp and converts them into a QTVR format.  The “movie” output is an .mov file that can be read by QuickTime Movie Player.  The file can be placed online or emailed.